Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christ-centered Traditions

I am trying this Christmas season to truly reflect on the things that matter, and not rant about the increasingly popular topic of the commercialization of Christmas. But I will say this . I sometimes believe that the same people who fuss about the commercialization of Christmas spend more time in shopping malls than the ones who don't. And the same people who have a "Jesus is the Reason for the Season" sign in their yard, are the same ones running over 5 year olds and grandmas in Walmart making sure their kids have EVERYTHING they WANT for Christmas. But enough of that.

I know that many people have Holiday traditions, and my family is no exception. When I was younger, my family on my mom's side would meet at my Grandfather's, who is now deceased, house for a huge Christmas breakfast. I loved this tradition. He lived in the country and had plenty of space to run around outside. After he died, we began to have the breakfast at my Grandmother's place. My parents are divorced, so we would always meet up with my Dad and paternal grandparents on Christmas Eve. Our main tradition was eating, but, of course, the opening of gifts was also part of it.

I have been married now to my wonderful, beautiful bride for over 4 years, and traditions change. Or in some cases, new traditions are born. But in the midst of all this, I think there is one question we need to ask ourselves: How many of our traditions are centered on the birth of Christ? I know this gets lost in the shuffle, but this is what the season is about. I hope that as I continue to age my traditions develop a more Christ-centered focus. I pray that we develop a deep sense of gratitude for what we do have rather than mourn the things we don't. And above all else, I pray we take time to worship our Savior born of a virgin, slain for our sins, and eternally reigning King

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